Complete E&I Design for Golden Bay Cement Major Upgrade Projects

After 5 years of concerted effort, Golden Bay Cement completed several large projects, totalling around $106M, to improve performance and throughput of their plant. The team at Buchanan Projects Ltd are proud to have completed all of the Electrical and Instrumentation Detailed Design for these projects.

The projects consisted of new and replacement systems for:

  • Scada Control System
  • Coal Mill and Coal Delivery Systems
  • Cooler
  • 3 Closed Circuit Cement Mill Systems
  • Raw Material Handling System
  • Gas Train System

This required the design, manufacture and installation of:

  • 3 new substations complete with Power Distribution Centres
  • 5 new Motor Control Centres
  • New PLC Panels, Processors, Racks and Modules
  • Approximately 200 new or replacement motors
  • Marshalling Boxes
  • Local Isolator and Control Boxes
  • Power, Control and Instrumentation cabling
  • Cable Ladder and Tray Systems
  • Lighting Systems

Much of the cabling and equipment systems were fully documented in a newly developed database system from which reports were automatically produced for field use by the installation contractor including:

  • Equipment Schedules
  • Cabling Schedules
  • Termination Schedules
  • Equipment Test Sheets
  • Cable Test Sheets

The projects were started by preparing a set of Engineering and Drawings Standards to which the new design and equipment would adhere, with further fine tuning of those as the projects proceeded. BPL developed a close working relationship with the client and the installation contractors to help GBC complete the projects in a timely manner and to a high level of quality.

BPL would like to thank Ken Palmer of GBC for putting his faith in us to provide GBC with the quality and timely detailed design they required.


SCADA Upgrade For Wiri Oil's Marsden Truck Loading Facility

BPL completed of an upgrade of the Marsden Point Truck Loading Facility SCADA. This system comprises an iFIX Proficy HMI/SCADA System with a master station at the unmanned Marsden Facility and a client station at Wiri Oil Terminal.

The upgrade involved the purchase of the new computers and software; upload of the data files, screens, alarms and trends information from the old system; installation/conversion of the old information on to the new system and bench test the whole system before delivery and set up at Marsden and Wiri.

The new master station at Marsden is now installed and operating successfully with the old client station still operating at Wiri, communicating with the new station at Marsden.


Cellphone Remote Control For Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company

The Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company (LWIC) have a permit to sell a specific amount of water to its farming customers. Until recently, this was achieved by raising and lowering irrigation gates at 4 different sites which are up to 30 minutes drive away from their office, an arduous task previously completed by hand, with water/profit losses occurring due to driving time between sites.

BPL set to work automating the control, monitoring and alarms for each site, a time/money saving improvement itself. However, with the LWIC Site Manager needing to make regular maintenance trips to each site, by adding CTC to the package, he can now be at any of the sites while still being in total control of all four:

  • Receiving status reports and alarms direct to his cell phone.
  • Providing the correct amount of water to the correct customer at the right time - on time - simply by sending a text message from his mobile phone!

The LWIC now have the freedom to do more than just man their PC, waiting for a procedure to finish before getting the next started all achieved by controlling and monitoring their process via text message using a standard cell phone.



Meridian Energy Ltd


Just a short note to say thanks for your outstanding effort on producing such a quality report, probably one of the best I've seen. Your dedication for meeting the desired deadline which required the sacrifice of your Easter break has been well noted and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Greg Falconer
Meridian Energy Ltd.

Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company

"We have about 160 shareholders who rely on us for getting water to them, at the right time. It's mostly farmers, but we also supply commercial users such as Oamuru Township, local nurseries and the Alliance Pukeuri Freezing Works. I can now operate the gates from home at night, so that the water is where it is needed first thing in the morning. We'll really notice the difference in the summer though, particularly if it's a hot, dry one. Control of the water will be critical."

Bill Bradfield
Race Manager
Lower Waitaki Irrigation Company (LWIC)

BPL's CTC (Remote Control) system was used to Automate the LWIC Water Flow. Another project completed on time and on budget.


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